Hiya!  My name is Lucy and thanks for stopping by.  I’m a home cook with a passion for interesting and healthy food.  You won’t find a whole lot of old-fashioned “comfort” foods on these pages, but what you will find is fairly easy and tasty food that anyone can prepare in their own home.  I have no formal training, if fact, I have no on-the-job training either, since I do not come from a long line of great cooks.

I think my interest in cooking came after I met my second husband, Ferdinand.  He is Colombian, but has traveled to many places, including Russia, and eaten just about everything.  He’ll often ask me to make something I have never even heard of.  I also participate in cooking games, events, and contests on the internet and that is how I learned about different cuisines. 

My favorite cuisines are probably Mediterranean and North African/Middle Eastern.

Happy cooking…
Just a picture of me, Lucy.