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Garlic Shrimp and White Beans

This is another request from my husband. He found it on Epicurious. I’m all for anything that includes beans. They are filling and I love their texture. This recipe calls for white beans,… Continue reading

Lentil Soup with Vegetables

This is a very inexpensive lentil soup to make to make in the crockpot with staple ingredients and water.  I make it with extra lentils which I drain and use in salad.  Or… Continue reading

Spanish Spaghetti with Olives

You’d be amazed at the difference just adding a few simple ingredients makes to an ordinary and familiar dish. I kinda, sorta hate spaghetti because I used to make it so often when… Continue reading

Barcelona-Style Pork

I wonder if it would surprise you to learn that Spanish food from Spain bears little to no resemblance to that which is served in most Latino restaurants. Ooh!  Did you catch that? … Continue reading

Chicken with Piquillos

This dish is a Spanish dish, as in it comes from Spain.  Much of Spain’s cuisine is Mediterranean and very much European like Italian cuisine.