Crustless Curried Spinach Tart

This recipe comes from McCormick. It is similar to a quiche or frittata.  It would be great for brunch, breakfast for dinner, or an appetizer.  You could cut it into wedges or into small squares for an appetizer portion.

Frittata with Kale, Red Peppers, and Goat Cheese

I like to have a frittata for breakfast, which is always brunch for me since I work evenings, so morning don’t often happen for me.  A frittata is also suitable for dinner.  Just make a nice tossed salad to go alongside.  This particular frittata is really simple to make.

3 Breakfast Frittatas

New research (again with the new research) indicates that eating whole eggs may be better than sticking with just the egg whites.  Good news for me as I like the yellow color of whole scrambled eggs much better than washed-out white.