Dilled Chickpea Salad

Recently a new grocery store opened up around here. Well, maybe not exactly a grocery store, but not a farm stand either. It’s called North Shore Farms. It’s like Trader Joes or Whole Foods, I guess. I was all excited to try it because I like to think I am buying local and organic foods…

Balsamic and Grape Farro

This is a Thursday selection from my friend the Sunday Strategist. It’s a blog at Cooking Light magazine that picks out what to make Monday through Friday. Saves me from having to think about it.

Wheat Berry Salad

Wheat berries are a whole grain that is a little bigger than barley.  They sort of look like barley, but they are brown.  They are quite tough and can take 90 minutes to cook until tender.  If you soak them for an hour, they cook in about half that time.